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Carmen P. Valentino - Healthcare Solutions Team

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Carmen P. Valentino - Healthcare Solutions Team

Carmen Valentino is a trusted, bi-lingual health insurance broker, licensed in 19 states and contracted with a wide variety of insurance companies. Whether you're a small business, individual, or eligible for Medicare, she understands that finding the right health insurance could be challenging and confusing. Working with Carmen will put you at ease and you can be sure that she'll put her best effort forward to find the optimum benefits for you, your business, and your family. In 2019, over 26 million American's were uninsured due to a variety of reasons. Many more found themselves under-insured. Among the uninsured, they believe "insurance is too expensive," "they started a business and don't know how to set up group benefits," or "they're turning 65 and don't know enough about Medicare." Whatever the reason is for needing insurance, Carmen knows that it is an important decision and one that needs attention to detail. She will meet with you one-on-one to better understand your needs. Based on the information provided, Carmen will search for health insurance plans, present you with your best options after answering important questions such as Is my Provider in-network or are certain medications covered? After a decision to move forward is made, Carmen will make sure all the details are covered and promises to be accessible for any follow up needs.
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